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Participant Registration

Registration Form

Registration is required prior to participating in athletic competitions at RSHGA member events (incl running, cycling, light field, heavyweight, tug o' war and hill races). Only registered competitors are eligible to receive prizes, trophies, league points and personal injury cover. RSHGA is committed to clean sport: it is a condition of registration that athletes agree to comply with anti-doping rules and participate in testing if requested.

Please download a copy of our REGISTRATION FORM or complete the registration form below. Online is the preferred method of registering.

Competitor Registration
enter your date of birth if under 18yrs
enter your age if over 18yrs
enter the club your will be representing
Registration Fees

£20 per person

A reduced annual fee of £10.00 applies to all competitors aged 65 and over.

A reduced annual fee of £10.00 applies to track and field competitors and cyclists aged under 16. Photocopy birth certificate required for new Youth registrations.

Tug-o-War Teams:
£40.00 per team without insurance cover - to obtain cover please register as individuals, on the terms noted above.

Day Registration:
Athletes who only wish to compete at ONE event in the year may pay a ‘single use’ fee instead of full registration at the following rates: Adult £3, Youth £1, (Tug o War £10/team). This should be done on the day at the event not online. Insurance is not included and will not count towards leagues. Any further participation will require full registration at the standard rates.