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About Royal Scottish Highland Games Association:

  • We are an organisation comprising elected representatives of Highland Games from each region in Scotland
  • We serve over 60 member events across the country
  • We maintain and develop a legacy of Highland Games traditions that date back over a thousand years
  • For details of the individual members and their dates and locations click here
  • Our members exemplify all that is best about good competition and sportsmanship
  • Over 500 athletes compete at our events throughout the year
  • We stage well over 1,000 competitions at events across the season
  • Our members provide quality entertainment and suspense for over 150,000 spectators
  • Our members' events pay out prize funds in excess of £¼ million annually
  • We service tens of thousands of visits to our website
  • We handle enquiries from around the world about Highland Games and members’ events
  • Highland Games contribute tens of millions of pounds annually to local economies 
  • We print a new edition of the RRSHGA Yearbook annually, the Highland Games almanac

We do a great deal of strategic behind-the-scenes work - some examples are noted in work with the RRSHGA.


The Royal Royal Scottish Highland Games Association is the sports governing body for Scottish Highland Games. The organisation was established in 1947 as the Scottish Games Association, with the general aim to further the cause of Highland Games, a goal we still work to today. We are recognised by the UK & Scottish Governments as the official sports governing body and we work at a strategic level on behalf of Highland Games.